MARCH 18, 2022


9:00-9:50 Keynote speech 2 : Four decades of research on marine Synechococcus: a globally important phototroph. Keynote speaker: David J. Scanlan

Session 2: Physiology, gene regulation and metabolism. Chairs: P. Berube (morning) / S. Duhamel (afternoon)

9:50-10:15 S2-invited talk 10: Ecophysiology of marine picocyanobacteria, one cell at a time. Invited speaker: Solange Duhamel

10:15-10:40 S2-invited talk 11: Evolution and diversity of Synechococcus phycobilisomes. Invited speaker: Frédéric Partensky

10:40-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-11:25 S2-invited talk 12: Processes controlling light color acclimation in marine Synechococcus. Invited speaker: David M. Kehoe

11:25-11:40 S2-short talk 11

11:40-11:55 S2-short talk 12

11:55-12:10 S2-short talk 13

12:10-12:35 S2-invited talk 13: Gene regulation with non-coding RNAs in Prochlorococcus. Invited speaker: Claudia Steglich

12:35-13:00 S2-invited talk 14: Feeling Blue? Feeling Low? Prochlorococcus, light & oxygen. Invited speaker: Douglas Campbell

13:00-14:00 Lunch in conference center Organizers: Conference center staff

14:00-14:25 S2-invited talk 15: S2-invited talk 15: Simons CMAP: A portal into oceans of data. Invited speaker: Ginger Armbrust

14:25-14:50 S2-invited talk 16: From glutamine synthetase to glucose uptake: 25 years working on N and C metabolism in marine picocyanobacteria. Invited speaker: José M. García-Fernández

Afternoon: Free time or commented visit of the Mosque (16:00-17:00) Organizers: Conference center staff

Evening: Dinner in town. Attendees on their own

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